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Mission, Vision and Strategic Plan

Building on our long and distinguished history, Keystone College has set forth a mission, vision, and strategic plan for the future that reflect the enduring principles that guide us as we teach the future, today.

BELIEVE: At Keystone College we believe that all students should be given an opportunity to attain a college degree, regardless of their geographic, social, or economic backgrounds.

BELONG: By providing students with a supportive and caring educational and living experience, students feel they belong at Keystone College.

BECOME: Keystone College educates students so that they achieve their goals and become their best selves, professionally and personally.

2018-2025 Strategic Plan: Teaching the Future, Today

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Keystone College opens doors to rewarding careers in a student-centered environment, that teaches students to think, communicate, create, and problem-solve effectively within a diverse, ever-changing world.


Keystone College strives to transform lives and the region by inspiring and empowering students to live in a diverse community where responsibility, integrity, mutual respect, and life-long learning flourish.

Goals of Strategic Plan 2018-2025


GOAL #1 Enroll Students

Identify and enroll the most promising and diverse students from various geographic, social, and economic backgrounds.

GOAL #2 Support Students

Provide a student-centered experience and sense of belonging to create a community of support for student success in an increasingly interdependent world.

GOAL #3 Empower Students

Provide transformational educational experiences through interdisciplinary and integrated teaching, shared scholarship, and co-curricular opportunities within a culture of continuous improvement.

GOAL #4 Strengthen the Institution

Strengthen financial, institutional, and environmental sustainability.
Approved by Board of Trustees on December 15, 2017.